Realization of full automation and New creative PRESET (Prestress)  TECHNOLOGY for PVC coated Technical Textiles

Hongyuan Hontex Invested the latest version of ERP and PLC system for the new machinery.
With the new advanced facilities, we become the poineer of industrial 4.0 specimen for the PVC knife coated  and Laminated Technical Textiles industry.

With the new development of both side digital tension control of the product during the whole process, we are able to produce the product with very low elongation and very high stability size. These kind of products are with excellent performances for structure menbrane, truck side curtains, no curve blockout digital printing flex banner and other applications which need stable product size and high strength.   

All fumulations is control by the programe. We are also possile to repeate previous productions with the same paprameters of the machine and minimized the differences  of product quality from lot to lot.